Frequently Asked Questions at Select Luxury Cars



Do you have books and records on every vehicle?

We have the original books and records for most of our vehicles. Ask your Sales Team Member if the vehicle you're interested in comes with books and records.

Do you sell vehicles to purchasers located outside of the United States?

Yes, we sell vehicles to purchasers all over the world - Canada, Dubai, Germany, Iceland, Russia and more!

What is your bottom line on this [vehicle]?

When you account for colors, mileage, and options, we are usually priced well below the market. With the quality of car that we are known to deliver, you will agree that we have already priced this car to sell.

Why should I purchase a used vehicle versus a new one?

When you purchase a new vehicle and drive it off the showroom floor; you've made it a used car. Every make of vehicle depreciates at this point - a minimum of about 10% to 12% immediately and then continually throughout the first year. A $100,000 luxury vehicle will normally depreciate 30% by the end of the first year. When you buy a pre-owned car, still under full factory warranty, and some with as few as 7,000 miles, there is very little depreciation. It adds up to huge savings! Simply put: Let someone else take the big depreciation!

Where do you find such beautiful used vehicles?

We are so trusted by large franchise dealers that they call us when they have a trade-in that they do not wish to market. For example, a Mercedes-Benz dealership will not market a BMW and vice-versa.

Do you take trade-ins?

Yes! Please go to our Sell Us Your Car page if you would like to get feedback on the value of your trade-in vehicle.

My dream car is not currently in your inventory. Can you find it for me?

We can try! Please go to our Locate A Car page and let us know the details of your dream car! We will do what we can to find it for you.

Are the prices listed on eBay different than those listed on your website?

No, they are exactly the same. We use the same inventory feed for our website and our eBay listings. You are welcome to make an offer through eBay or by contacting our dealership.

Can you provide a CARFAX report on your vehicles?

Yes! Please ask your Sales Team member for a faxed copy.


This car is still under factory warranty; why should I buy an extended service plan now?

Service contracts are similar to life insurance in that the young ones, with the least amount of miles, are eligible for the best coverage for less cost. As the vehicle gets older and has more miles, not only will the coverage available change but the cost is also higher. The extended service plan is transferable if you sell your vehicle or you can receive a prorated refund if you trade the vehicle in. Many people always have the good intention to purchase the extended service plan later but they get busy with their daily lives and simply forget , until that day when something stops working properly and then it's too late. You can take advantage of financing it in with your vehicle at time of purchase making it extremely affordable.

Should I purchase an extended service agreement on my new vehicle?

If you are purchasing a vehicle that you plan on owning after the factory warranty runs out we highly recommend purchasing the optional extended service agreement and here's why:

  • Even though the vehicles we sell are the very best engineered vehicle in the world they still have many moving parts and very sophisticated electronics that can and probably will fail at some point that our exclusionary service plan would pay for with a small deductible.
  • The service plan will pay for both parts and labor.
  • You can take your vehicle to any ASE certified repair facility nationwide.
  • The service contract is transferable adding tremendous re-sale value or can be canceled at anytime and a refund will be issued for any unused portion.
  • It will provide peace of mind should something go wrong and keep you from having a "bad day."


Over a 5 year period, statistics show that the average person will use a service contract more than any other form of insurance, yet it is the least expensive.

I have the ability to pay cash... why should I finance?

Vehicles are typically a depreciating asset and it is usually wise to finance items that will depreciate and invest your "hard earned cash" into something that will appreciate. Many of our banks and credit unions offer very low interest rates that make you able to earn more interest than you pay on the financing of the vehicle so you can actually make a profit by financing. It is a great way to "force" you to save the amount of your monthly payment each month. Jerry Bates, our Finance Manager, will assist you in placing your loan making it a very simple and effortless process.

I have my own financing. Why should I use Select Luxury Cars financing sources?

  • Sometimes it is wise to keep your line of credit at your personal bank open in the event an emergency should arise. We have several banks as well as credit unions that compete with each other in order to get your business which translates into lower rates and better terms than you can typically get on your own. Our Finance Director has over 22 years experience in structuring finance deals and has established relationships where he can get banks to "go outside the box" which can save you time and money. There are no "loan origination fees" associated with our loans. As you can imagine from the types of vehicles we sell our we have incredible portfolios with our banks which allows them to provide our clients the very best rates and terms even if you have less than perfect credit. You can let Select Luxury Cars do all your work for you so you don't have to spend a half day at your bank arranging your own financing and you can take delivery as soon as the paperwork is done.


How does Select Luxury Cars handle the shipment of my vehicle?

Although the customer is responsible for the shipment of their vehicle, we have many reputable shippers that we can recommend. These shippers have been used by hundreds of our customers and can provide references, if requested. Vehicles are shipped as cargo. They are not towed or driven unless by the customer.

Do you ship to Canada or Mexico?


Can you ship overseas?

Yes! Many of our shippers offer containerized shipping overseas.

What is the average shipping cost per vehicle?

Cost for shipping varies depending on distance. Please check with your Sales Team member for an estimate.


Who is responsible for taking such beautifully detailed photos of your vehicles?

Select Luxury Cars is proud to have professional photographer Kim Johnson on our team. To read more about Kim and her work, please click here.

Where in Atlanta are you located?

Our showroom is located in Marietta, a large suburb of Atlanta, on Cobb Parkway. We're very close to Dobbins Air Force Base, about two miles south of Marietta's famous "Big Chicken." For a map and driving directions, please visit our Directions page.

How far from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is your dealership?

Our showroom is approximately 26 miles from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL). Click here for easy directions using Google.

Who is responsible for cleaning your vehicles so thoroughly?

Select Luxury Cars is proud to have fulltime detailers on our team.

Disclaimer and Terms of Sale:

Pricing subject to change without notice. We suggest that you have this vehicle inspected at your own expense prior to purchase, from an outside reputable company or dealership. We are willing to assist you with the arrangements upon request. We regularly ship vehicles to our customer's doorsteps, however since we use third party shippers, we are not responsible for damages during shipping.

Our vehicles go on test drives and are sometimes placed on loan; therefore the mileage may not be exact. This is a pre-owned vehicle, we may or may not have all keys, books, floor mats. Please do not expect a pre-owned vehicle to be perfect. Advertised price excludes tax, tag & title fees. All used cars are purchased "As-Is" with the exception of the factory or aftermarket warranty when applicable.

Before purchasing, it is the purchasers responsibility to address any and all differences between information on the listing and the actual vehicle specifications and/or any warranties offered. The data on this website is from publicly available sources believed by the publisher to be reliable. Select Luxury assumes no responsibility for errors and/or omissions in this listing and makes no representations express or implied as to vehicle condition, options/accessories, specifications, prices, warranties or history.

Are you hiring Sales Team members?

We will always talk to top producers. Please e-mail our Business Development Administrator for more information.