Congratulations to the lovely Laurie Dhue, former Fox News anchor on the purchase of our beautiful, styling, fun, powerful, BMW 5 series! Go, Girl! Pictured here with sales associate James Younis and our finance manager, Jerry Bates. We should note that Jerry and James
are wearing glasses that say Fox /Fan

Our Customers

Mohammed Momin working with Orlando Lopez, traded in his Bentley GT,which he bought from Select just a few months ago for a Corvette Z06 today in  an unusual trade,talk about a change of gears! His childrens choice. Exciting!

Orlando Lopez's customers Andre and Erica about to speed away in their powerful Porsche Panamera. This is their 2nd purchase with Select Luxury Cars.

Mr and Mrs Thompson are very happy with thier new Lexus and our sales associate Dean Murphy!

Our sales associate Allen Siegal with the proud new owner of a beautiful Audi!